Oct 7,2015

Yee & Joe

August 2015, Santa Barbara, CA

Kellye is incredibly talented!! What she created for my wedding was beyond every
expectation. I was getting married in Santa Barbara as a destination wedding (we live in NYC), and so almost all of our communications were over the phone and email. Kellye was really responsive, and came to the table with amazing ideas from our first meeting onwards. She totally fleshed out the 3 adjectives that I used to describe our wedding into so much more. Our bouquets, wedding arch, boutonnieres, and some interesting & unique things that we did with the aisle and centerpieces were ALL GORGEOUS!!! Like, beyond anything I could have imagined. Everything looked fresh and modern, not like boring everyday wedding florals. I was so impressed by Kellye and really loved working with her! She was really energetic, fun, and makes great recommendations (also kept me on point – we did somewhat of an ombre theme, and I got a littttttle too excited and Kellye kept me from having a tacky ombre-everything wedding, which I really really appreciated!). I would highly recommend working with Kellye, particularly if you’re interested in having a more creative and interesting floral look to your wedding!!