Kellye Kodak Clifford

Precious and Blooming was born from the creative mind of Kellye Kodak Clifford.
After 15 years in the retail world, Kellye decided to pursue her passion: Creativity and People. Along this pursuit, Kellye found that flowers would encompass both creativity and people, making it the most wonderful epiphany. For the past 15 years, Kellye has been part of many aspects of the wedding and event industry and through this experience has learned that putting an event together is more than just bringing together the services of vendors. It’s an artistic puzzle orchestrated by imagination and attention to detail. Precious and Blooming was created to celebrate expression and put a twist on tradition.

Recently, Kellye and her family moved from the Bay Area, to the stunning central coast of California. Kellye is now a destination floral designer, taking her creations wherever they are wanted! Each event is an adventure, and she looks forward to the time she has at each special venue! She adores  working in San Luis Obispo, Santa Ynez, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Beyond!



Precious and Blooming is more than floral design.

Precious and Blooming is the philosophy that tradition combined with innovation allows an event to truly demonstrate the character of its host. We represent tradition, color, innovation, and commitment.

Let Precious and Blooming help show who you are, for this is your most important event! With Precious and Blooming, the client is King and Queen. We help make your personality shine through in the uniqueness of any event, small or large. We know that color is key, culture is King and quirkiness shows how much fun one really can be.

EVERY event should be… Precious and Blooming!

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