Each event begins with a “get to know” you phone chat with Kellye. At this time, she will briefly discuss your overall theme, give “homework” and answer any questions you may have. Then, a formal design consultation is arranged. Because a large majority of her clients are from out of the area, consultations can be done via phone or skype. Design consultations will take about an hour and will cover all aspects of your overall feel of the special event. As the designer, Kellye has worked in many aspects of the wedding and event industry and can assist in many areas. Kellye even offers Event Design which
includes assistance with rentals, invitations, linens, and any other décor aspects that can be dreamed up. PBFD has a growing inventory of props and rentals at our finger tips as well! We also have a list of great resources with trusted vendors to pass on to each client. Once your event is booked with PBFD, Kellye is happy to offer a site visit to go over any details needed. (Travel fees may apply depending on location).

After the complimentary consultation, it takes some time to process all of the event
details. You will receive a basic estimate within 1 week. Once the event is booked, the
adventure begins! We will then begin sourcing all the details and that’s where the fun
really starts!

Because of the personal detail applied to each bride and groom, PBFD books a limited number of weddings a weekend. We recommend that you book early especially during the popular wedding months May – October.

I look forward to creating a unique and one of a kind wedding or event for you!


• FAQ’S •

  2. How long does it take to receive a proposal?

Because each wedding we create is custom is takes us a little while to put together your proposal. You will receive a basic estimate after a week, and once booked a formal design within 3 weeks.

  1. What does my formal proposal include?

The basic estimate will provide you with a general idea of pricing based on our design consultation. Once your event is booked with PBFD, a Formal Design Proposal will be generated.

  • Your formal proposal includes the following:
    – A detailed description of your design
  • – An inspiration board
    – Copy of our event contract
    – Floor plan, if needed
  • – Floral Boards
  • – Container ideas
  • – Sketches
  1. Do you have a minimum charge for your services?

We do not have a minimum for an event because each event is different. On average, you can expect to spend 8-10% of your total wedding budget.

  1. Do you have a price list?

Each event we create is a custom design. With Precious & Blooming, no two events are ever alike. Because we create something new for each event we do not have a price list.

  1. Do you require a deposit to hold the day?

Yes, a 30% retainer is required to reserve your day and is applied to your

  1. What is the “Service Fee”?

Every event will have a Service fee that includes: design, one design meeting,
procurement of all supplies, delivery to one location, set up & pick up of rentals.

  1. Do you charge for samples?

Yes, samples of center pieces are charged full price of materials and delivery. Samples are done 3-4 weeks before an event to ensure that the correct flowers are in season.

  1. Do you charge for consultations?

We offer one complimentary consultation; additional consultations are billed at our hourly rate of $50 an hour, unless otherwise noted.

  1. Do you offer rentals?

Yes, we are lucky to work with amazing rental companies. We can help choose the
perfect accents for your event. We also have an ever growing collection of rentals as well!

  1. How many people will be with you to set up on the day of our event?

This depends on the scope of the installation and will be quoted with your proposal.

  1. How many events do you produce in a weekend?

PBFD is a boutique floral design company. Kellye, owner and designer, touches every piece that leaves her studio. In order to keep the quality high, we produce no more than two weddings in a weekend. We recommend booking early to ensure you get the date you want! We will not hold dates for clients.

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